August 21, 2014 at Microsoft (Vision Building) 6:30pm

  • Distributed Programming: Overcoming Out-of-Order Messages by David Hjelle
  • What I learned from MIT's Big Data Online Course by Dave Gorman

The cloud has given us the opportunity to cheaply distribute our applications across numerous servers. This distribution provides better processing power and resiliency but does require the software developer to overcome some issues. David Hjelle will discuss ways to overcome when events are received/processed out of order.

Big Data is an incredibly overused term and I try to shy away from using it; but the marketing does underscore the growing need for help in making use of lots of information. I (Dave Gorman) took an online course from MIT about this topic; I'd like to share some of the key points. This course wasn't marketing fluff, they gave some good insight into how hadoop is a generally a bad idea; how Sql Server and Oracle are behind and you should consider alternatives; avoid NoSql solutions that don't have ACID... some bold statements.

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Welcome Developers

The FM Developers is a free and easy way to see what others in your community are doing. This is a place where you can get ideas and talk about any coding problems.

We usually meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Lately we have switched to quarterly meetings.

We meet 6:30pm at Microsoft (entrance). The meeting is located in the Vision building on the West side of the Microsoft campus, entrance on 42nd Street.

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