March 13, 2014 at Microsoft (Vision Building) 6:30pm

  • Intro to Node.js by David Lannoye
  • Fargo Startup Weekend Recap by Shane Neuerburg

Node is a very popular server side JS language, known to be fast and made to handle numerous concurrent connections. There are many JS client side libraries but now we are seeing more server side use of JS as with Node. David will walk us through the basics of the technology, so we can judge for ourselves if it is a tool we should use.

Fargo Startup weekend was last weekend. Shane helped to coordinate the event and he will give us some highlights. As technologists, we should really try to support these types of events. Strengthening our technology sector will benefit all of us, plus it is a great time.

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Welcome Developers

The FM .Net UG is a free and easy way to see what others in your community are doing. This is a place where you can get ideas and talk about any coding problems.

We usually meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Lately we have switched to quarterly meetings.

We meet 6:30pm at Microsoft (entrance). The meeting is located in the Vision building on the West side of the Microsoft campus, entrance on 42nd Street.

To be a member, just show up to a meeting and subscribe to the email list by simply sending an email to